Board 30

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Board30 Classes


In this 30 minute signature class, you will experience a full body, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) resistance based workout. We will introduce you to the basics, focusing on learning correct alignment, muscle engagement, and optional modifications for individual needs. It is a music based class which applies elements of Pilates, Yoga, strength training, power moves and cardio. We will utilize both floor and ceiling resistance anchors. There is an optional 5 minute cool down. All levels are welcome and modifications for individual needs are always available.


Circuit "HIIT" is a class where you will not only be utilizing the bands and board but will also be applying off-the-board moves as well. Plyometrics, ropes, sand bags, sprints, body weight exercises, and much more will be added to this class to increase the level of difficulty. If you can handle a little more impact and want to push yourself a little more, this is the class for you!

*Recommended you take a SIGNATURE BOARD30 class before jumping in this class!


As we age, our fitness needs and capabilities change while the need for staying strong and healthy remains. Like our BOARD30 class, this workout will be resistance based but will move at a slower pace with extra attention paid to improving balance. As always level modifications when needed.