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Dawn Bunetta, owner and licensee OF BOARD30 NASHVILLE, is a lifelong advocate of healthy, mind-body activities. Dawn, a long time resident of the Nashville area and her husband were partners in one of the most successful independent record labels on music row.
Dawn's experiences in overseeing prosperous businesses and thriving philanthropies has led her to fully grasp the need to develop coping skills to navigate the stress and traumas of life. She knows that maintaining a nutritious, clean diet and a serene mindset are of critical importance and are truly life sustaining. Most importantly, she sees that "exercise is essential to a healthy life and healthy soul, regardless of the hurdles we must all overcome".
Now, as Nashville and the world overcome our shared traumas, Dawn will bring this transformational workout methodology and wellness center to the Nashville area as we all reemerge and cope with this difficult year. "The benefits of BOARD30 have helped me through many of life's most difficult moments and I know that BOARD30 will do the same for the Nashville community. Come along as we all learn to thrive again", says Dawn


Lauren Camardo, acting GM of Board30Nashville, has successfully partnered in retail and service industry businesses in Nashville and New Jersey. She is actively raising two daughters and living in East Nashville. During many visits with her long time friend and owner Dawn in Santa Fe, NM, Lauren experienced the excitement of BOARD30 and when the opportunity to be involved in bringing this fitness modality to Nashville was presented, she excitedly accepted the position of General Manager.

“Being the face of a new wellness focused business and getting to directly connect with the community on a daily basis is something I’m really looking forward to doing again”.